Kids-Up Mallorca
– is more than just professional child care

You want to celebrate relaxed with children? We will make it possible!

You are planning your wedding party, celebration or any kind of event on Mallorca and wish to include kids to join? You would like to hike in the Tramuntana, go on a speedboat ride, bike tour or attend a triathlon training camp? Or you simply need time for yourself and look for a reliable babysitter / childcare at the hotel, on the finca or yacht? You are organizing training / education / incentive sessions with your business partners and your participants / employees do not know where to go with their offspring?

What is our concept?

Every event has its own character/intention – and every child is unique. Therefore there is no program thus we develop an individual plan for you. Taking into account all circumstances on site and including your ideas / thoughts and desires, we accommodate all schedules and contents along with you.

We offer international service all around child care. Leaving ‘tablet, smartphone & Co’ behind, we take the kids on exploration ‘tours’ – be it while discovering nature, or in our playground. We combine old-established games with creative new ideas, letting the children join with their natural fantasy they bring along and invite to play & have fun.

Tailored to your needs, KidsUp Mallorca supplies individual support in leisure and entertainment for your children.

Happy children – relaxed parents – satisfied clients!

Our pricing varies in accordance to your needs, it is fair and transparent. Highest degree of discretion and loyalty is understood. In our work, empathy, creativity and unforgotten playfulness are paramount – the greatest gift for us are happy children who when being with us forget about how time goes by. We have answers to your queries and take care of all your concerns.

We look forward to meeting you and your kids!
Heike Seita & Katrin Hoberg